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About the Senior Center

Welcome to our Senior Center! We are a community organization in Ludlow, Vermont dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming space for seniors and other community members to come together, socialize, learn, and stay active.

Our center was founded with the goal of meeting the unique needs of older adults and others in our community. We understand that seniors face unique challenges, from health issues to isolation, and we aim to address these challenges by offering a range of programs and services that promote health, wellbeing, and social engagement.

Our programs are designed to cater to the interests and needs of seniors of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. From our Bone Builders fitness classes and art workshops to educational seminars and social events, we offer a wide range of activities that allow seniors to stay active, learn new skills, and connect with others.

At our Senior Center, we pride ourselves on our welcoming and inclusive environment. We believe that everyone deserves to feel valued and respected, regardless of their age or background. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to creating a warm and friendly atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and supported.

Community meals are prepared and served periodically by volunteers at the Center or “to go”. The Center also delivers Meals on Wheels to Seniors in Cavendish, Ludlow and Plymouth.  These meals can also be picked up curbside if desired.


We are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of seniors and others in our community. Whether you're looking to try something new, make new friends, or simply enjoy the company of others, we invite you to come and join us at the historical Black River Senior Center at 10 High Street in the Ludlow Village.

Supporting the senior members of our community!

How We Operate

The Black River Valley Senior Center is operated by the center's Board of Directors who are responsible for overseeing the operations, events, and staff. 


Our dedicated members make decisions to ensure that the center operates in accordance with its mission and values, and that it meets the needs of the seniors it serves. They serve as an ambassador for the senior center, helping to build relationships with community members, and other organizations in order to promote the center's work and expand its impact.

Overall, our Board of Directors find their roles to be rewarding and offers these community members an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors in Ludlow and beyond. We proud to show our deep commitment to the BRVSC with our trusted members. 

Our Board of Directors

Frank Provance, Ludlow

Isabel Montgomery, Ludlow

Mary Jane Cratty, Plymouth


Murphy, Ludlow

Eileen Dunseith, Ludlow


Strong, Ludlow

Sandy Johnson, Ludlow

Warren Taylor,


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